Project Visioning/Planning and Management

Envision believes the key to the success to any project is communication. Many of the systems we design affect the work product of the other disciplines involved within the project. This adds the responsibility of keeping the entire project team up-to-date as information is received and changed. One of the first things we establish is the communications protocol for the project. We will establish the budget information by system, system responsibility matrix, key milestones, outstanding issues log and key decision log. We will update these items before each established weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meeting and will distribute to the project team accordingly.

Envision will take an immediate leadership role regarding the technology scope of work. The initial step is to define and obtain approval for our project approach, including setting clear goals, expectations, and responsibilities for all technology systems to be implemented during the project. It is critical that all project team members are aware of the technology systems and the responsibility they have for a successful implementation. Envision will organize meetings involving all of key participants, including Director of IT Leadership, Director of Plant Operations Leadership, and Director of the Departments Leadership. It is during this meeting that we will define our project management plan including the scheduling of technology meetings, establishing technology milestones, coordinating the technology schedule with the construction schedule and the procurement process.

Early and accurate budget preparation is critical to a successful project. During our visioning and planning sessions, we will discuss different types of technology systems and solutions including new trends and emerging technologies. During these sessions, we often hear expensive “wish-lists” of technology systems that nurses, physicians, staff and administration would like to have. It is important to keep track of these systems and to make an attempt to incorporate them into the project if they add value to the facility and can be justified from a budgetary standpoint. We also recognize most facilities can not afford all the wanted added features; therefore we try to build a platform for the facility to build from moving forward. We will work with the owner with the priority of the added feature systems in case our bidding process comes in lower than expected. We will bid out all systems with the hope that we can take advantage of the market conditions and help the owner implement as many of the added feature systems as possible while remaining within budget.

Envision will provide consulting and design services for specific types of technology that meet the needs identified during the technology meeting with the staff members that define the system requirements, features, functionality and cost associated with each. For bidding purposes, we provide specifications, drawings, and RFP’s for each system. We recommend and prefer to issue the RFP’s for the technology systems so the owner has greater input on the selection of the manufacturers and vendors.

Envision does not believe cost alone should be the deciding factor when selecting a vendor. We will evaluate all technology system proposals and provide an evaluation summary of each system including our recommendations. Once the preferred vendor has been determined, we will assist the owner in the final contract agreement negotiations. We will manage the vendors schedule and coordinate with the construction schedule to ensure implementation milestones are met.