Technology Systems

The systems described below are the basic services our consulting engineers provide for the design and permitting phase of projects.

Structured Cabling System

  • Design and document the structured cabling system within building, including fiber and copper backbone/horizontal cabling to support all low-voltage/technology systems and medical equipment devices. System will be designed with a robust cabling backbone infrastructure to support future technologies the hospital may implement.

Nurse Call

  • Design and document the nurse call and code blue system within the building, including staff station, duty station, master station, and potential integration with phone system and medical equipment alarms.


  • Design and document the Intelligent Electronic Security System (IESS) within the building. This includes the design and integration of the access control, video surveillance and possible infant protection system.

Cable TV

  • Design and document the cable/satellite TV distribution system.

Overhead Paging

  • Design and document the overhead paging systems.


  • Design and document the 802.11 wireless network.

Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Specify and document the Distributed Antenna System to provide fire/life/safety signals throughout the new project as well as to enhance cell coverage within the project for wireless phone providers.

Patient Hospitality System

  • Design and document a patient hospitality system, capable of providing on-demand patient education, entertainment, internet access, television, daily schedules.


  • Design and document the intercom systems.


  • Design and document audio/visual systems within conference rooms as well as interface the audio/visual system with vendor supplied Digital Operating Room systems. Tracking: Specify and document locator/tracking system for assets, patients, and staff (IR/RFID/802.11).


  • Design and document a Master Clock and Elapsed Time Clock systems.

Building Automation

  • Specify and document network connections to the building systems, in coordination with MEP engineer, to create an integrated building automation/management system.