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South Baldwin Patient Wing Addition

November 21, 2018

This project was an addition to the first floor of the existing South Baldwin Regional Medical Center and added 28 beds and approximately 20,000 sf to the facility. The area above the new construction area included an interstitial floor to house the mechanical equipment. An air cooled chiller and two gas fired boilers were added to support the new addition. These systems are independent from the Central Energy Plant (CEP).

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More Alabama Projects


The project includes the renovation of approximately 1,600 square feet of the existing Stem Cell Processing laboratory. The renovation of the laboratory incorporates the specific needs of a GTP processing lab, and creates an open working environment to facilitate flexibility and interaction between lab-techs. The program includes a new wet-lab space with modular casework, a tech lab, office, entry, as well as a larger and more efficient cryo-storage room.

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KTH Leesburg Products

KTH Leesburg Products KTH Leesburg Products This project involved the 18,000 sqft expansion to an existing manufacturing plant. Envision provided the electrical design for this facility. Contact Us

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