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Franklin Police Headquarters

This project involves a replacement headquarters for the Franklin Police Department. Containing approximately 94,000 square feet, the building includes a 911 Emergency Operations Center, suspect processing, I.D. Lab, Vehicle Examination, Evidence Holding, and a 2-story parking deck. A high-efficiency, ground-coupled Geothermal HVAC system is incorporated in the physical plant. The geothermal borefield system is approximately 200 tons, consisting of eight (8) independent water loops. Each of the eight loops is composed of thirteen (13) 500 foot deep grout-filled, U-loop bores. This project has been certified as a LEED Gold Building.

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Nashville State Community College Administration and Support Building

This project involved the construction of a new 73,000 square foot building located on the main campus of Nashville State Community College. Spread over three floors, this square footage added theater, support space, and classrooms to the campus.

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Highland Heights School

This project involves the renovation of and addition to the Highland Heights School in Nashville, Tennessee. The subject structure is a historical building, originally built in 1930. The 101,000 square foot building was renovated and updated to provide educational and recreational space for 900 students. Of particular note is the HVAC system which utilizes a Geothermal Earth-coupled system.

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